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1. Select a piece of music, artwork, poem,spoken word or creative expression from an African American artist ( songwriter,performer, etc) .
2. Analyze. Your goal is to explain the meaning and themes of your selection. You will analyze its impact on society or your own personal life by dissecting it.
Closely and carefully examine the piece for your own interpretations
Construct your essay around the meaning/themes you discover.
Tell me how the piece impacts society or your own personal life
How has this selection impacted society or your life? Write an essay that analyzes the theme(s) and its importance to you or society.
No length requirement: I suggest an introduction, 1-2 body paragraphs, and a conclusion
Helpful Hints:
Have the selection near you, so you can revisit it as you write.
Concentrate on a few points you want to make about the work. Do not overwhelm yourself; it is a short essay. For example, focus on a few favorite lines/verses that connect to the overall theme.
Analyze to come up with a theme
Analyze the selection for any connections your own life
Analyze how the selection fits into the category of African American dialect, voice, or expression
No length requirement: I suggest an introduction, 1-2 body paragraphs, and a conclusion
Sentence boundary control
An ​engaging​ introductory paragraph that has a focused thesis statement at the end
Body​ ​paragraphs​ that support your thesis statement in a smooth and logical organization
Paragraphs with a ​topic sentence​, ​supporting sentences​, and ​a concluding sentence Body paragraphs that focus on how the themes impact on your life.
A ​concluding paragraph​ that restates your thesis statement and offers reflection Proofread for errors
Remember, for your Final Draft:
Include a thesis with a specific main point. Your thesis should CLEARLY relate to one of the options above.
Be very specific! Your thesis should be the last sentence of your introduction.
Engage your reader by constructing an interesting introductory paragraph that provides context for your argument (describe the situation, provide background/brief story, or summarize the analysis of causes or effects the essay disputes).


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