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A United States–based company trades extensively with various countries in the eurozone (these countries use the euro). You have been hired as a consultant to evaluate the impact of currency fluctuations on sales in the eurozone in the last few months for this specific company.
Step one of the process is to create an exchange rate table for the daily exchange rates between the euro and the United States Dollar (USD) over the last three months:
What trends do you notice from the exchange rate table?
How might these trends impact the company’s sales in      eurozone countries?
What advice would you give to the company to overcome      exchange rate challenges and maximize exchange rate opportunities?
Create a 10-to-12-slide presentation (not including title and references slides) that you would present to the company that hired you as a consultant, to assist them in maximizing their eurozone sales.
Include the following:
Title slide
Agenda slide
Conclusion slide
Reference slide
Use of note section to explain information on slides
Charts, graphs, etcetera, as needed
At least three credible and recent sources (one of      which must be scholarly)
A recommended tool to use is Dr. Antweiler’s FC Charts & Plots (v2.16)
In your paper,
Create an exchange rate table.
Analyze the trends in the exchange rate table.
Analyze how these trends may impact the firm’s sales in      the eurozone.
Present concrete solutions to the company to overcome      exchange rate challenges and maximize exchange rate opportunities.
The Impact of Currency Fluctuation presentation
Must be 10 to 12 slides in length (not including title      and references slides) and formatted according to APA Style
Must include a separate title slide with the following: 
Title of presentation
Student’s name
Course name and number
Instructor’s name
Date submitted
Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph.
Must use at least three credible and recent sources, one of which must be scholarly.


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