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Can you help me understand this Law question?1- The product involves burglaries within a specific locationwhich should a suspect’s activities with the district. It appears that they have a pattern when it comes to their everyday operations. This is displayed by the heat maps that have mapped all their activities. It also shows the number of cars that were broken into within the locally. The results shows that the suspect had a certain pattern of breakages as they broke into homes within the mapped location. There was also similarity of time on the events.The ArcGIS has been used to map the data as it has allowed manipulation by the expert. This can be showed by the activity within the district. Hunchab also must have been used because of the pattern that has been created which can result to creating predictions on the possible outcome of the crime. This led to arresting of the criminal. The product has value for the patrol team which can use the data in determining the time when certain crime is most common within a specific area.Reference:International Association of Crime analysts.Retrieved from: to Santos, a crime series is a group of crimes that are similar to one another and possibly committed by the same person or group of persons (Santos, 2017, pg.278). A crime spree is more specific. According to Santos a crime spree is a series of crimes that happen at a high frequency and in a relatively short period of time. A crime spree would appear to be a continuous series of crimes with no discernable break between occurrences (Santos, 2017, pg.278).An example of a crime spree.In 2018, Jeremiah Terrel Hannon, 15 years-old at the time, shot R. Olson, another teenager in the head, while in a Motel 6 motel room. This was the last act of Hannon’s two-month long crime spree, according to Oregon Live News. Within a two-month period Hannon had been the subject of over 11 investigations of violent, assaultive behavior. Hannon and an accomplice broke the jaw of a Tri-Met passenger after the victim asked them to turn down their music. Before that, Hannon was investigated for assaulting a homeless man on the streets of Portland. The list goes on. Hannon, 18 now, will spend the next seven years in a juvenile detention facility, being released at the age of 25 (Oregon Live, 2020)An example of a crime series.In October of 2020, there were three homicides over the course of a weekend that Portland Police are investigating. According to KGW news, Portland police suspect this series of homicides could be gang related and are asking for any information that could lead to the solving of these murders (KGW News, 2020)ReferenceSantos, R. B. (2017). Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping (4thth ed., p. 278). Tall Oaks, CA: Sage.15-year-old who murdered teen in Portland motel room as part of ‘sickening’ crime spree could be locked up until age 25. (2020, November 11). In Oregon Live. Retrieved from Police Investigate 3 separate Homicides this weekend. (2020, October 25). In KGW News. Retrieved from spree is a number of crimes which occur in a successive manner. This means that they have happened in a series hence resulting into a pattern on their occurrence. An example, crime can occur in a concurrent manner within a duration of one week. In most cases, the police department might take some time while analysing the suspects. Until when they have been captured, the crime continues to occur with the region.Crime series on the other hand comprises of different types of crime incidences that might affect a certain area with a duration of time. In this case, it appears that there are several offenders responsible of committing various crimes. The main difference between the two is that, crime spree involves a continuous occurrence of a certain crime within a certain period of time while crime series involves occurrence of different types of crimes within a given region.Reference:Ioannou, M., Canter, D., Youngs, D., & Synnott, J. (2015). Offenders’ crime narratives across different types of crimes. Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, 15(5), 383-4Please respond to those student discussions with 150+ words each, followed by its own responses Requirements: APA | Discussion | 1 pages, Single spaced


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