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definitions to help you fill the table 
1-  Cognitive Dissonance-  
State of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude changes.
Definition in the article: “Cognitive Dissonance – the extreme discomfort of simultaneously holding two thoughts that are in conflict”
Having contradicting thoughts  
2-  Motivated Reasoning- is how people convince themselves or remain convinced of what they want to believe — they seek out agreeable information and learn it more easily; and they avoid, ignore, devalue, forget, or argue against information that contradicts their beliefs.  
3-  Selective Exposure/Selective Learning-  
Selective Exposure- individuals’ tendency to favor information which reinforces their pre-existing views while avoiding contradictory information
Selective Learning- facts that confirm their worldwide views than challenge it; requires the use of the executive process of metacognitive control and working memory.
4-  Particularized Trust-
Trust we place in specific individuals, such as family members, friends and acquaintances. 
-Generalized trust has usually been paired up conceptually with particularized trust.
-An example of how social capital can be created as a by-product of other activities
-Particularized trust is a form of trust that we specifically choose to extend to those in our community who are closest to us, such as family members or friends. 
5-  Information silo/filter bubble/echo chamber-
Information Silo: A place where information is stored
When communication wasn’t as easy as it is today, information silos were considered geographical. The information you would be given used to be dependent on the area you lived. Today, information silos have grown to become ideological. You don’t only get information that confirms your beliefs, but you are able to share that to anybody else affecting their media as well. 
6- Tribalism- 
tribal consciousness and loyalty especially : exaltation of the tribe above other groups 
if you do not understand the definitions, look at them on the internet.
1111111 -watch this video
222222 -then fill the table in Word doc.


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