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Help me study for my Ethnic Studies class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.Match the following definition with the term Prompts 1)Natural Rights A)Equated to the law of God and found in form of GoldenRule. 2)Perfect Obligation B)have inherent within them assigned correlative rights 3)Imperfect Obligation C)do not give birth to any right 4)Original position D) All individuals are free and equal 5)Legal Rights E)Right to bear arms 6)A Positive Legal Right / F) Created through constitutional guarantees, legislative and statutes, judicial review, and governmental agencies7)Negative Right G)rights to receive goods and services from another person, organization, or government 8) Recipient Rights H) Right to a public education Question 5 Match the following definition with the term Prompts 1) Informed consent A) contain the elements of disclousure, understanding, voluntariness, competence, and permission giving 2) Paternalism B) the practitiones is allowed to intentionally withold information based on his sound medical judgment3) Benevolent deception C) the practitiones is allowed to intentionally withold information based on his sound medical judgment 4) Placebos D) the use of substances biomedically inert but th epatient feels are therapeutic Question 6 Match the term with the definition Prompts 1)Stage 1: Reward and Punishment A) the creation of the good society requires a social contract into which people freely enter to work for the benefit for all 2) Stage 2: Individualism and Exchage B) children begin to recognize that other individuals have their own interests 3) Stage 3: Good Boy/ Good Girl C) children have not real understanding of values and accept the authority of others 4) Satge 4: Law and Order D) commitment to the principles of equal rights, social justice, and respect for the dignity of all people 5) Social Contract and Indivual Rights E) the child seeks to conform to the expected social Conventions 6) Universal Principles F) individuals focus on rules, social order, and respect for authority Question 8 Math the definition with the term Prompts 1)Altruism A) events that happens and shape generations 2) Amoral phase B) children, age two to seven, are not particularly interested in or concerned with rules 3) Egocentric stage C) occurs up to age two and the child is totally self-centered 4) Value cohort D) seems as old as the species itself Requirements: correct answers please


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