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I’m studying and need help with a Business question to help me learn.Directions: Read carefully and follow the directions. Open up all attachments. Start your work early. Submit your work on a timely basis and take note, all assignments are on an individual basis unless instructed otherwise. Week Three What is happening at Amazon? Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is stepping down from his position. Take a look at the articles attached and more. How does this impact the company? What moves are they making to keep their competitive advantage given the CEO’s departure? Look back at your previous work on Amazon. Do you see areas that could be impacted? Why or Why Not? Week Four McDonald’s Take a look at these two sites location. What do you think. Share your thoughts. Is this a reversal of fortunes that requires a change or a market shift.…… Week Five Five Generic Strategies Describe the five generic strategies. Which of the five strategies do you consider to be strategically more robust? Which is the most commonly implemented/used and why? Samsung-HP recurring problems: What do you think?? The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of 1 million Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones 2016, calling the devices “serious fire and burn hazards.” This a current headline on what is happening to Samsung. Given this turn of events is Samsung acting responsibly? What do you think will be the long term impact to the company as consumers begin to react to this news and the potential danger posed by there phones? Given the critical issue at hand how should competitors react/act? Is this an opportunity to gain market share? The company is having similar issues with its Note 8. But, is expect to sell lots of newer models in 2018. HP is recalling Laptops for Battery issues beginning 2018 Week Six JC Penny’ closing 140 Stores Here is a story I just saw today. How will Departments stores rebound? What does a department store of the future look like? The first link does work but I have had error messages come up on it as well. Here are tow other stories along the same line. Week Eight WalMart News Take a look at these articles. What are you thoughts as to what the company is really trying to do? Does this give them a competitive advantage? Will that advantage, if there is one, be sustainable? What should Walmart do if anything? Week 11 Discussion Ethics vs. Morals Ethics vs. Morals What is the difference between business ethics and morals? Are they different in society as a whole? Why or why not? Exercises for Simulation Participants Chapter 9 Post your responses to the five questions on page 196 Chapter 9 Exercises for Simulation Participants Requirements: Answer completely


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