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I’m studying and need help with a Communications question to help me learn.Read:The Ron Situation from Reflect & Relate:You have been assigned to a group project in one of your classes. Your final grade will depend to a great extent on how well the group project turns out. You were assigned to your group by your professor, who also designated you as the group leader. Your duties include telling the professor what grade you think each individual in the group deserves, based on his or her individual contributions to the project.As the project gets under way, one group member, Ron, begins presenting some problems. Ron seldom makes it to group meetings on time and he skipped one meeting without calling anyone in advance to let the group know. At the next meeting, Ron arrived late. He apologized for missing the previous meeting, and mentioned something about “family problems.” Ron then volunteered to do all the background research on one important aspect of the project, saying he had a special interest in the topic.The group project is due next week. The group planned to put together the final draft of the report presentation at a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. Ron calls you up today and says he doesn’t have his library research done and can’t get it finished before the meeting. He says he needs more time. What would you say to Ron?There are 3 basic kinds of message you can send to Ron:1.“Ron you are a jerk! I can’t believe you don’t have the work done! This why I hate group Projects – no one ever gets the work done that they’re supposed to. Things like this always happen to me.”2.“Ron, you said you’d get the work done on time, so you have to stick to your promise. I know you’ve been having problems, but everyone has problems, and our first priority is completing this project. As group leader, it’s my responsibility to make sure you have it done. Have the work done by the group meeting tomorrow, or I’ll have to fail you from the group.3.“Ron, thanks for letting me know. How much more time do you need? What’s going on with your family that’s keeping you from getting this work done? Is there anything I can do to Help? How about this: I’m planning on going to the library tomorrow morning anyway, so why don’t I swing by your place around ten, and pick you up? That way we can both get our work done. What do you think?Answer the following questions:What are the pros and cons of each message to Ron?
Which one would you describe as the most competent? Why?
What message would you use to communicate with Ron? Why?
Requirements: This is just discussion question, so it doesn’t have to be long   |   .doc file


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