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I’m studying and need help with a Political Science question to help me learn.THE PAPER:The paper is a typed, researched version of any essay from any of the Discussion Board Questions. But, no papers on any other topics. You should treat this like a research paper where you have sources and actually utilize those sources in your paper. You may quote from them or paraphrase from them. You should only use sources that have authors names – not web sites and no Wikipedia. You may use a website to get to articles that have appeared in print. Good sources would be books, (you can use your textbook as one source), professional journals such as the American Political Science Review, or weekly magazines such as Newsweek, even newspaper articles. Do not use my notes as a source. Below you will see the requirements. Two of the main things I look for is the quality of the sources and how well you actually utilized them in your paper. PAST DISCUSSION TOPICS: (pick one of the 4 and write a 1000 research paper off of it)1. One of the key terms is Democracy. But, some are saying that democracy in America is in danger. What is the standard definition of Democracy and what do you think it looks like today? Is democracy in danger? Explain whether you believe it is or whether it is not in danger and why. 2. This is kind of a follow up to the first discussion on Federalism. There is a debate going on about whether to open schools to in class learning now or soon. Even College of the Canyons is exploring when and how to open on campus learning. You can take off on this question is several ways. One way is to address whether it is up to the individual states or school districts or even the Federal government to resolve this issue? Another way is to talk about how safe it is to go back into the classroom? You can even address this from a more personal perspective by asking yourself if you would feel comfortable going back into the classroom? I think I would like everyone to at least address the last point as part of your overall response. 3. A bill entitled the American Rescue Plan (HR 1319) is headed through the bill process. Make a copy of the bill process diagram in Module II or at least follow along since I will be adding to this discussion in the coming days by means of Announcements. For right now there are several questions I need you to respond to:First, why is it called a “reconciliation bill”?Second, why did the Senate parliamentarian rule that the 15$ minimum wage could not be part of the bill?Third, did the bill pass the House of Representatives and what was the vote count?Finally, what is the next step in the process?4. The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments in the case of Brnovich V. Democratic National Committee. The case involves among other things “ballot harvesting”. First, what is “ballot harvesting”? Why is it seen as an attempt to limit minority voting? What is the major piece of legislation that is at the core of this case? Finally, in your opinion how do you think this case will be decided – in other words in whose favor do you think the court will rule?Requirement of Paper1. Must be typed – double spaced2. Minimum of 1000 words 3. Minimum of three sources. You must utilize these sources in your paper. 4. Include sources in work cited Requirements: 1000 WORDS


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