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I’m trying to learn for my Biology class and I’m stuck. Can you help?Answer Sheet: Pre-lab Exercise 2: The Tools of Scientific InquiryPAGES 5-6 FIGURE1:You can gather a lot of information from a histogram. Answer the following questions based on the histogram in Figure 1.One thing that you can determine is the number of times a particular “event” occurred. In thiscase, an “event” is a sea urchin that was counted. On this graph, what is the total number ofevents? (i.e. How many sea urchins were counted in total?)You can also use the graph to determine how many times a certain event occurs. In this case,what is the total number of events in the 40-44mm size range? (How many sea urchins arebetween 40-44 mm in diameter?)What is the range in events? (What is the range in size (the largest and smallest) of the urchins?)What is the title of the graph in Figure 1?What is the label of the x-axis in Figure 1?What is the label of the y-axis in Figure 1?PAGE 7 FIGURE2:Describe any trends you see in Figure 2?PAGE 7-8 FIGURE3:How long does it take the algae to reach its maximum height?Do you see any trend to the data in Figure 3? Is the growth rate of the algae constant at all times?PAGE 8:How do you determine what data goes on each axis? You might try stating the question the researcher is studying like this: “The effect of ________________ on ____________________.”Goes on horizontal axis Goes on vertical axis For example, the experiment for Figure 2 could be stated like this: “The effect of Temperature on Reaction Rate”.Fill in the following for Figure 3:“The effect of _________________on______________________________”.PAGE 9:List three well-known organisms that are molluscs.Describe the characteristics that define the body plan of these organisms.Describe the four substrates where marine mollusks are typically found living. Requirements: 1


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