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Peculiarities of the neural infections by HIV were not considered, although intensely investigated in the last three decades. Please include a short chapter about HIV and about the effects of HIV infection on brain function (HIV encephalopathy) which are motoric (impairment of fine motor skills), cognitive (memory and concentration disorders, slowing of perception and responsiveness) and emotional impairments.
Even though numerous studies were dealing with the role of retroviruses in molecular genetics, the partaking of non-retroviral RNA viral remnants must not be neglected in such a review article. Please add a sentence in order to point-out the important role of non-retroviral RNA viral remnants.
Please also add a chapter about the presence of Bornaviruses (BDV/BoDV), typical neuroviral agents, in this group of non-retroviral RNA viral remnants. Horie et al described in 2010* that RNA sequences of BDV have been found in 40 million year-old fossils (Horie et al 2010). Activated segments of BDV might be the agent of mostly lethal encephalitides of horses since the 1880ies (Zwick et al 1939**). And in the middle of the 1980ies signs of persistent infection by BDV were detected in the sera of psychiatric patents, first of all in those suffering from major depressive disorder (Rott et al 1985***). More recently, sporadic cases of acute, non-purulent, lethal BDV encephalitides are appearing first of all in Southern Germany (Schlottau et al 2018****). Please include these references.
The reference Feschotte et al is listed twice, marked with numbers 6 and 63. Please remove ref 63.
Please include the following references:
*Horie M et al (2010) Endogenous non-retroviral RNA virus elements in mammalian genomes. Nature 463:84-88
**Zwick W (1939) Bornasche Krankheit und Encephalomyelitis der Tiere. In: Gildenmeister, Haagen, Waldmann: Handbuch der Viruskrankheiten II, 254-354 (Fischer, Jena)
***Rott et al (1985) Detection of serum antibodies to Borna disease virus in patients with psychiatric disorders. Science 228:755-756
****Schlottau et al (2018) Fatal encephalitic Borna disease virus 1 in solid-organ transplant recipients. N Eng J Med 359:1377-1379


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